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2022’s Best Online Courses: Top 5 Sites for Online Education
5/18/2022 11:24:00 AM english e-learning - BingNews
Thinking of stepping up your game this year? Here are some of the best online courses for you in 2022. Click here to learn more.
eLearning Africa sponsor inspired by road trip
5/10/2022 3:17:00 AM english e-learning - BingNews
over 7 million learners in Africa studied free courses on everything from basic English and languages to management skills, nursing and marketing, advancing their education or equipping themselves to ...
Adaptive and Social Learning in Education Sector will be the Future Catalyst for E-Learning Market in Egypt: Ken Research
5/15/2022 9:33:00 PM english e-learning - BingNews
Different curriculums including Malaysian National Curriculum, English National Curriculum ... in the industry along with new strategies & future way forward for an K12 E-Learning to move ahead. The ...
Lone Star College System adds online campus, additional e-learning opportunities for fall 2022
5/10/2022 6:25:00 AM english e-learning - BingNews
Starting in August, the Lone Star College System will launch its eighth campus as a way for students to receive their degrees entirely online.
Scores to benefit from SBL’s online responsible drinking education
5/18/2022 6:00:00 PM english e-learning - BingNews
The DRINKiQ e-learning tool was created to give consumers with the information they need to make healthy decisions about drinking responsibly and to dispel alcohol myths. "DRINKiQ e-learning is the ...
CM, officials to use Kannada email IDs
5/16/2022 8:09:00 AM english e-learning - BingNews
Soon, URLs of websites attached to several state government departments will be in Kannada along with the existing English links.
English actor Stephen Fry to head MCC
5/4/2022 7:37:00 AM english e-learning - BingNews
1651678562000 Fry has also worked with MCC previously to narrate a series of videos to help explain aspects of the Laws of Cricket for use on MCC's elearning platforms. MCC president Clare Connor ...
e-learning parks to soon start in degree colleges
5/5/2022 10:00:00 AM english e-learning - BingNews
In a fresh initiative to boost innovation in higher education institutions, the Uttar Pradesh government is soon going to start the newly set up e-learning parks in 120 degree colleges of the state.
Actor and comedian Stephen Fry to become the next president of MCC
5/4/2022 5:26:00 PM english e-learning - BingNews
Fry has also worked with MCC previously to narrate a series of videos to help explain aspects of the Laws of Cricket for use on MCC’s elearning platforms.
My first boss: CEO and founder of Sandbox, the digital learning company
5/5/2022 4:00:00 PM english e-learning - BingNews
Sandbox founder Bhav Singh holds a track record in scaling businesses within the media, entertainment, sports and learning sectors.
Tanzania: Scores to Benefit From Sbl's Online Responsible Drinking Education
5/19/2022 2:51:00 AM english e-learning - BingNews
Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL), a subsidiary of Diageo is changing the way people view and consume alcohol. It pioneered the DRINKiQ e-learning tool, a timely reaction to the growing challenge of ...

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